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46th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists & Leprologists

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46th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists & Leprologists

What's Happening?
Accepted presentations in the category of award paper, postgraduate thesis based award paper, free communications and e Poster updated !! Announcement of IADVL DERMACON 2018 SCHOLARSHIP IADVL membership is mandatory for presentation in DERMACON 2018, for all those who have submitted abstracts in the category of Award paper, PG Thesis based award paper, E-posters and free communications. Extempore Registration is now open for PG Students. Scientific program updated. View for details.



DERMACON 2018 is proud to offer twelve worksop sessions over first two days of the conference - 19th and 20th January, 2018. We feature workshop sessions on the same day of conference without overlap with any other scientific sessions.

January 19th, 7:30am - 9:30am

Workshop Planner: Dr. Mohammed Nazeer
Wet lab training - Hands on training with one to one discussion with the instructors to learn about the apt techniques:
  • Suturing material
  • Basic suture equipments
  • Suturing needles
  • Different suturing techniques
  • Suture removal
  • Alternative wound closure methods (Glues, skin staples........).
Course instructors:
  1. Dr. Mohamed Nazeer K V
  2. Dr. Abel Francis
  3. Dr. Binish V G
Workshop Planner : Dr.N Asokan
Basic clinical
Chair : Prof CR Sreenivas
  • Explanation and demonstration of Auspitz's sign, Darier's sign, Nikolsky's sign and Asboe - Hansen sign - Dr Rajiv.S
  • Examination of Peripheral nerve, Muscle power and sensory testing in a suspected case of leprosy - Dr Nandakishore
Basic investigations
Chair : Dr Laxmi V Nair
  • KOH Smear - Dr.Rajiv.S
  • ELS / SSS - Dr.Nandakishore
  • Specimen collection in a case of urethral discharge - Dr.Kalavani
  • Specimen collection in a case of vaginal discharge - Dr.Kalavani
  • Dark field microscopy, tissue smear - Dr.Kalavani
Basics in topical therapy Chair : Dr Mohandas PP
  • Wet dressings / compresses - Dr Rashmi Philip
  • Wet wrap therapy - Dr Rashmi Philip
Workshop Planner: Dr.T Salim
  • Overview of Surgical Management of Vitiligo
  • Patient selection and Stability issues - Dr. Somesh Gupta
  • Minigrafting step by step - Dr. Umashankar Nagaraju
  • Ultrathin split thickness grafting step by step - Dr. Imran majid
  • Eyelash transplantation step by step - Dr.Manas Chaterjee
  • NCES - step by step - Dr.Davinder Parsad
  • Complications of Vitiligo surgeries - Dr.Salim
  • Special situations - Dr.Munish Paul
Workshop Planner: Dr.Rachita Dhurat
  • Applied aspects of hair anatomy and cycling - Dr.Aseem Sharma
  • Basic evaluation of Hair loss, with demonstration of signs (video) - Dr. Puneet Saraogi
  • Video on hair pull test/trichogram - Dr.Rachita Dhurat
  • Response evaluation methods - stereotactic photography - Dr.Jill Chitalia
  • Trichoscopy - Dr.GM Ankad
  • Case discussion - Dr.Rachita Dhurat
  • Follicular neogenesis - Innovation 2020 - Dr.Rachita Dhurat
  • Video on hair camouflage techniques - Dr. Sujit
  • Tips and Tricks - Dr. Ankur Talwar
  • How to setup a Trichology practise - Dr. Ameet Dandale
Worksop Planner: Dr.Sushil Thahiliani
  • Anaesthesia for nail surgeries - Dr.Harsh Tahiliani
  • How to select a site for nail biopsy/surgery - Dr.Chander Grover
  • Nail unit biopsy - techniques - Dr.Savitha AS
  • Nail plate avulsion: partial, total - Dr.Shekhar Neema
  • Management of ingrown nails - Dr.Shilpa K
  • Injections around nail unit: intralesional, intramatriceal - Dr.Neha Goyal
  • Benign tumors of nail unit - Dr.Chander Grover
  • Pot Pourri: paronychia, hematomas, abscesses - Dr.Sushil Tahiliani
Worksop Planner: Dr David Pudukkadan
  • Laser physics
  • Lasers for pigmentation
    • Tattoo Removal - Dr. Swapnil Shah
    • Pigmentary Disorders - Dr.Sanjeev Aurangabadkar
  • Laser Hair removal - Dr. Shehnaz Arsiwala
  • Rejuvenation Devices
    • Resurfacing Lasers for acne scars - Dr. Dilip Hemnani
    • Energy Based devices for scars - Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya
    • Energy Based Devices for tissue tightening - Dr.Anuj Pal
    • Lipoablation - Dr. Niteen Dhepe

January 20th, 7:30am - 9:30am

Workshop Planner: Dr.Laxmisha Chandrasekhar
  • Introduction to dermatoscopy
  • Basic patterns in dermatoscopy
  • Vascular patterns in dermatoscopy
  • Basic concepts in inflammatory skin disorders
  • Basic concepts in hyperpigmented skin disorders
  • Basic concepts in benign and malignant skin disorders
  • Image discussion
  1. Dr.Nirmal B
  2. Dr.Niti Khunger
  3. Dr.Uday Khopkar
  4. Dr.Biswanath Behera
  5. Dr.Shekhar Neema
Workshop Planner: Dr Mukta Sachdev
  • Introduction, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan (Topicals) - Dr. Mukta Sachdev
  • Updates On Newer Peels Or Pigmentation (With Video Demo)
  • Glutathione (With Video Demo) - Dr. Nina Madnani
  • Roller/Prp/Meso For Pigmentation-Benefits And Risk (With Video Demo) - Dr. Malavika Kohli
  • Tranexamic Acid (With Video Demo) - Dr.Maya Vedamurthy
  • Lasers For Pigmentation (With Video Demo) - Dr.Vandana
Workshop Planner: Dr.Meera James
  • Introduction
  • Assessing the face, injection techniques and avoiding complications
  • Botulinum Toxin and Filler injections video demonstration and talk
  • Thread lift video demonstration and talk
  • Other modalities of treatments to combat Ageing
  • Conclusion
  • Panel discussion and Question Answer Session
  1. Dr.Shehnaz Arsiwala
  2. Dr.Reshmi Shetty
  3. Dr.Madhuri Agarwal
  4. Dr.Rasya Dixit
  5. Dr.Annu Jayan
Workshop Planner: Dr. Muthuvel Kumaresan
  • Hair transplant - Strip method - Dr.Kumaresan
  • Hair transplant - FUE method - - Dr.Prasanth Agarwal
  • Topical immunotherapy - Dr.Shanmuga Sekar
  • PRP for hair loss - Dr. Nischal
  • Scalp micropigmentation - Dr. Sunil Mishra
Workshop Planner: Dr. Avitus John Rakesh Prasad
  • Peels in Acne and Acne scars / Pigmentation - Dr.Aarthy
  • Surgical treatment of Acne scars - Dr.Renita Rajan
  • Lasers and Lights in Acne and Acne scars - Dr.Avitus John
  • Panel Discussion - Dr.Chandan
Workshop Planner: Dr.Raghunatha Reddy
Session – 1: Surgical approach for basic surgery, Acne & other scars
  • Introduction & welcome remarks - Program Chair
  • Elliptical excision & suturing techniques – Basics skills - Savitha A S
  • Sub scission for acne and other scars – Demo and its role in Scar remodeling
  • Surgical Approach to Facial scars - Dr Somesh Gupta
Session – 2 : Keloid
  • Role of Surgery in the management of Keloid - Dr R Raghunatha Reddy
  • Non surgical therapeutic approach to Management of keloid- Intra lesional Cryo and dermal grafts for depressed scars - Dr T Salim
Session – 3
  • Role of FUE for the management of scars & Vitiligo - Dr Shashikumar B M
  • Ear lobe repair – What is the best - Dr R Raghunatha Reddy
  • Nail surgery – Ingrown toe nail & Biopsy - Dr Chander Grover
Session – 4 : Others
  • Approach to Management of Moles and melanocytic Navei – Different situations - Dr R Raghunatha Reddy
  • Epidermal Cell suspension – steps and practical aspects - Dr Umashankar Nagaraju


  • Online submission of abstracts opens 05 Mar 2017
  • Abstract submission deadline - Award Paper 31 Aug 2017
  • Abstract submission deadline - Free communication, Post Graduate Thesis based Award Paper¬†and E poster 30 Sep 2017
Scientific Secretariat - Email: | Phone: +91-944 660 4015

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